We are a group of professionals who are dedicated to our work and think that there is another way of doing it ......

We believe in building a second home for your dog, and where you can leave your best friend, knowing that he/she is with is "other family" and in light of the feedback we have been getting from our customers, we are well on that way.
Why us?

You'd  want us to say that our "is in an excellent environment? ...As well as well communicated?...Our facilities the best?

Well, what we really want to state is that your dog will have the best of care wiht a group of minders who truly love dogs and who are successfurl in creating the bond of friendship and trust they deserve.

For tgeur total wellbeing we hve 10.000 square meters entirely at their disposition which will make their stay an unforgettable experience. Within these facilities your will find:

  • Parking for our customers
  • Store whith canine fashion and accessories
  • Professional grooming
  • The boarding kennels
  • Exercise and recreation areas wich include a swimming pool.
  • Kitchen
  • Professional training facilitites