If my dog has a veterinary treatment, can follow in the Boarding Kennels?
Of course, just tell your veterinarian guidelines and we will follow up.

If I have to cancel the stay of my dog, this entails a cost?
No cost and to pay the full stay to pick up your pet. There would be no penalty or having to cancel a reservation or pick up your dog days before the agreement, would pay only the nights of accommodation may have enjoyed.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we accept card payments, including payments in the home if you hire pet taxi service to take you to your friend back home.

What's the price of the stay in the kennel?
• Extremely attention to hygiene: We follow a rigorous program of plant health, supervised by our veterinarians.
• Feeding high-end and appropriate to the age of your pet from the Royal Canin brand food or eating at home if you prefer to bring it.
• Surveillance and security: we live within the facility so the dogs will never be alone we have the protection of a security company in turn connected with the police.
• Veterinary assistance 24 hours a day. Anyway, if your friend needs any type of veterinary care, would come to the one you'd indicated.

Are dogs allowed in the residence with aggressive behavior?
Podernos regret not take care of these animals because we could not adequately serve them.

How can I book a stay at the residence?
By phone, email or directly at our facility.