Kennel HOTEL

In our hotel we have certain standards of strict compliance for us to make your dogs feel at home.

We follow a rigorous program of plant health, always supervised by our veterinarians.

We use high quality food, Royal Canin and appropriate to the age of your pet. Even if you prefer to bring your food, your body adapts to the guidelines that we specify.

Surveillance and security:
We live within the facility so the dogs will never be alone and will be monitored 24 hours a day. We also have the protection of a security company in turn connected with the police.

Veterinary services:
We have veterinary care 24 hours a day. Anyway, if your friend needs any type of veterinary care, would come to the one you'd indicated.

The dogs are most of the day outdoors enjoying recreational areas where the climate permits.

These parks have double fencing for the total safety of your dog and your absolute peace of mind. During the night and nap time, our friends come to rest in its spacious rooms ranging from 11 to 16 square meters.

All rooms are single, have comfortable and soft little beds, heating and automatic waterers. Also from these bedrooms have access to a covered patio for each room unique.

Requirements to enjoy a stay with us:

We recognize that our clients who are staying at our hotel is very selective, so it is essential to meet the following requirements:

Amazing that all our guests are dewormed internally and externally.
They must also have their health card with the following vaccines: Rabies, distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis and kennel cough.
And last but not least, we regret not being able to attend without microchip pets pets nor aggressive behavior.