We believe that a trained dog is a happier dog than not. Clearly, a dog who knows how to behave in society, will be a dog that we really liked a walk, then will be over those long pulls arm apetecerá us take some summer terrace, hiking or hiking with it because we know that will come to our call and also avoid home visits nor will suffer, locked or tied because we fear to climb over the newcomers.

For all these reasons and more, we've created the Training Club Medina, in which we taught canine obedience classes. But equally, we are confident that the owner (guide) must acquire sufficient knowledge to correct our friend if he is wrong or reward him if he does well.

We always work with positive reinforcement, ie, the dog will love learning and will create strong bonds of trust and friendship between the handler and his dog.

Your dog will learn such basic commands as important to good living. Such as:


Walk with their owner without pulling on the leash
To stay or simply sitting or lying still.
To come to our call.
Do not run after children, bicycles, motorcycles or other dogs.

In addition, the Club and come in contact with other dogs is a perfect opportunity to socialize with them, which he will be a more balanced and calm dog.

We realize that not everyone has the same free time, so we offer the training course that best suits your needs.
Dog Training in the Club + Guide: You come together to our facilities for 5 weekends. Form a group and what we learn, we went outside to put it into practice. Really interesting to socialize.
Private tuition at home or in the residence. We adapt to your schedule. We value the dog and tell you approximate classes that we will need both the owner and give the dog.
Training in Residency: Your dog will stay as a guest at the residence, making the same life as other parks, games, etc. .. and the trainer may issue tutoring. The owner will be visiting us occasionally to see the progress of his friend and go acquire notions as a guide.